Information Sheets

Information Sheets

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Consumer Information Sheets: Greenwood Tree & Lawn Consumer Information Notice

Greenwood Tree & Lawn prides itself on utilizing the safest, most effective products to help keep your property healthy and beautiful. State regulations require us to provide clients with specific information regarding the pest management and plant health care products that may be used on your property. We cannot always predict the products we will employ at the time contracts are drawn and we have included a complete listing of product labels, material safety data sheets, precautionary in the attached PDF that you can access by clicking here.

Please contact our main office at (973) 335-6650 should you want any of these documents in printed form or if you have any questions concerning these documents and the information they contain.

All of our technicians are licensed by the State of New Jersey. Signs will be posted on your property by our technicians at the time of application. Signs must remain in place for 72 hours, after which they may be removed.

As per New Jersey State Law, we are required to provide you with the following information:

  • NJ DEP Pesticide Control Program (609) 984-6507
  • National Pesticide Information Center (800) 858-7378
  • NJ Poison Information & Education System (800) 222-1222

Sanitation, as well as physical and biological control measures, should be considered as a part of a good pest control program. Pesticides may be used as another part of a good pest control program. Pesticides are substances used to control living organisms and vary in degree in toxicity.

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