So, you’re about to grab your favorite sweater and head to the pumpkin patch when you hear what sounds like a few small voices floating from your yard.

“We’re hungryyyyyyyyy.”

This sounds super weird, but it’s your trees and shrubs.

It’s time for fall tree and shrub fertilizer.

That’s right, even after a spring and summer of eating, your trees and shrubs need more food, even as the growing season winds down. (They’re kind of like teenagers.)

What are the benefits of fall fertilization?

  1. Fall Tree Fertilizer Is All About the Roots

Your trees and shrubs usually soak up fertilizer and use it to put out new leaf growth.

But in the fall, their roots take those nutrients and use them to boost their health.

And those roots are really important, absorbing the water and nutrients your trees and shrubs need to thrive.

If you had super x-ray vision and could see through the ground, you’d be amazed. There are thousands of roots down there, stretching out even farther than your tree’s canopy.

  1. You’re Raking Up Their Free Fertilizer

In the woods, leaves and woody debris stay on the forest floor, decomposing and providing rich tasty fertilizer for all those lucky trees.

But here in lawn land, we rake those natural nutrients up and haul them away.

Meanwhile, your greedy lawn is a serious competitor, gobbling up nutrients that your trees and shrubs need, too.

Give them their own fall tree and shrub fertilizer to level the field.

  1. Fertilize Trees and Shrubs in Fall to Replace Nutrients

Summer is tough on your trees and shrubs. All that growing takes a lot out of them.

They’ve been busy providing shade, being home to birds and squirrels, producing berries for birds.

Kind of makes you feel like a slacker in comparison, right?

All that hard work uses up a lot of nutrients. Fall tree and shrub fertilizer replaces them.

  1. Love That Spectacular Fall Color?

Speaking of hard work, imagine completely changing your color every fall.

If you love those vibrant golden, orange, and crimson leaves, make sure your trees and shrubs are healthy enough to produce them.

When a tree doesn’t have enough nutrients, you can see it in weak, dying leaves — even before they have a chance to turn color and drift to the ground naturally.

If you notice yellowing leaves long before the fall color change, that’s a sign your tree is struggling and needs a nutrient boost.

  1. Fall Tree and Shrub Fertilizer for Long Healthy Life

You want your trees and shrubs to stick around, right?

When your trees and shrubs struggle to get the important nutrients they need, they get weak. That makes them more susceptible to damaging insects and diseases.

Struggling trees and shrubs won’t grow as tall or as full as they could, either.

Don’t wait for problems to set in. Then, it could be too late.

Fertilizing your trees and shrubs in fall is a lot easier — and cheaper — than replacing them.

  1. Think Spring

We know, you’ve barely slurped your first sip of pumpkin spice latte and here we are asking you to think about spring. But fall tree and shrub fertilizer is as much about spring as it is about fall. They store this fall feeding in their roots, so the nutrients are available in the spring for important new growth.

Fertilize your trees and shrubs in the fall to get them through the winter and emerge vibrant and ready to grow in the spring.

No time to fuss with all that? We don’t blame you. There’s a lot of pumpkin spice stuff out there to sample.

Greenwood Tree Experts offers liquid deep-root tree and shrub fertilizer in fall. That gives you extra peace of mind plus know your valuable trees and shrubs are getting the nourishing nutrients they need to thrive.