Lawn Care

Lawn Maintenance

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Turf Fertilization

Greenwood knows what your lawn needs, and will recommend the appropriate blend of dry and/or liquid fertilizer applications that are formulated to add health-building nutrients every season of the year. Fertilization gives a tremendous boost to the natural thickening process of turfgrasses and helps a lawn recover from stress.

Weed Control

Weeds, if left unchecked, can choke the life out of your lawn and turn your landscape into a depressing brown hue. Eliminating weeds should be one of your chief concerns. We use a combination of granular and liquid herbicide to control weeds both pre and post emergently.

Organic Turf Care

Because the environment is at the heart of all we do, we offer organic lawn care services for our customers. Greenwood understands that some of our customers wish to use only organic lawn fertilizers and organic lawn care products. This is commonly known as “green” or all organic lawn care. We offer program options for organic lawn care which are effective in helping produce a green, healthy lawn.

Core Aeration

Core aeration is a method of loosening up compacted soil by removing “plugs” of soil, allowing water penetration and the exchange of air in the soil with fresh air from the atmosphere. It also helps break up thatch, and improves the uptake and utilization of fertilizer applications, so only a minimal amount of chemicals will be required for optimal results. These effects make aerification one of the most beneficial services to enhance your lawn’s appearance and health.

Turf Renovation

Many older lawns were established with common type turf grasses not suited for heat, drought or poor soil conditions. They are more often disease and insect prone, requiring more fertilizer and water, a precious resource we can’t afford to waste. New construction lawns are often stripped of topsoil and the compacted subsoil creates poor growing conditions.

A lawn restoration will upgrade your lawn and increase the value of your landscape. A well maintained lawn and landscape can add 15% to the value of your home. Over-seeding newer turf grass varieties into an older lawn will help it better withstand insects, disease, drought and foot traffic.

Vegetation Management

Where poisonous and invasive plants are a nuisance or a hazard, Greenwood can effectively help you control & manage poison ivy, poison oak, as well as other hazardous or invasive species. This can be especially important when the site is accessible for recreational or other use.

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