Landscaping Projects

Landscaping Projects

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This is what makes your landscape “pop”. From dramatic colors and combinations that provide excitement and intrigue, to the monochromatic color schemes that support the foundation plantings, nothing adds more beauty to a landscape than seasonal color plantings. Our client service representatives can recommend certain types or they can meet with you to discuss your favorites. 

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When it comes to selecting the right tree for the right place in your yard, you can count on your Greenwood Tree and Lawn. You’ll want to ask and answer several questions when choosing the right tree, including:

  • How tall will the tree grow?
  • What shape is the tree
  • What berries, nuts or seeds might it drop?
  • How much sun will it be exposed to?
  • What is the soil composition?

Our consulting arborists will visit your home, review your goals, and make recommendations specific to your location and conditions.