Storm Response

Storm Response

more than 50 year’s of experience

When homes and businesses lose power across this nation as a result of a storm, we’re here to help. Crews from Greenwood Tree & Lawn Service are often among those first responding to outages in the midst of flooding and devastation from Hurricanes or the historic snowfalls. We consistently brave single-digit temperatures, high winds, flooding or blowing snow to remove thousands of fallen trees from power lines, roads, and property, allowing utility crews and snowplows to move in and do their work.

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When severe weather strikes and causes damage to your property, do not try to remove it yourself! Contact the storm damage professionals at Greenwood Tree & Lawn. Our team provides prompt, professional service following the occurrence of storm damage and works to carefully clear away dangerous trees, branches and storm debris. We will respond immediately and work quickly and efficiently to safely remove the fallen trees and branches from your property. No matter the time of year or extent of the damage, we can provide assistance in cleaning up your property and ensuring that no further damage is inflicted.