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Tree pruning and trimming services are essential to any tree care program, no matter what type of property the trees are on. In order to sustain a tree’s health, preservation is critical to stimulating growth and retaining the tree’s natural appearance, as well as enhancing the beauty of your landscape. It’s a science, but it’s also an art form. Greenwood Tree and Lawn professionals have complete understanding of tree biology, and skillfully perform the pruning or trimming without causing damage to the tree in the future. Proper pruning will keep your trees healthy, strong, and beautiful.

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We spend a lot of our job caring for trees, shrubs, and lawn or turf. As professional arborists and arboriculture experts, our goal has always been to provide services that keep trees healthy. Sometimes that means tree removal is a necessity for the landscape or the homeowner or business owner. Removals are done to eliminate dying or dead trees, or those that have become hazardous to the immediate environment – be it disease or infestation. Tree removal can also be useful for eliminating blocks to light and space for other plants to thrive. New construction or new roads also often make tree removal necessary.